Senior on the Rock River

What a beautiful setting. Sometimes I think this place was put here by God to allow photographers the opportunity to bring out the beauty in in all of his people. These images where photographed in the early evening in Horicon on a platform that juts out over the Rock River. The wonderful young lady was very shy but we made her feel very comfortable and got some great shots taking only half an hour.

Keeping social distancing during this pandemic and still getting your senior picture can be a challenge, however; we at TAD Photography err on the side of safety, using long lens and having our set up done in advance. We also send you information on what to expect ahead of time include different types of poses in order to make your session less stressful and safer for all.

Its not to late to book your session today we’ll even send your image to your high school. Contact us today!


Mom and Daughter in the Marsh

I have been photographing this beautiful young lady since she was a senior in high school. Now she is grown with a beautiful daughter.

Had a chance to capture some fun moments between them interacting at one of Horicon’s parks. This photos session took place along the Rock River. Don’t you just love those red curls?

Fall Colors

I love photographing people in the fall. Not only do you surround your subject with the beautiful golds, reds and oranges of the seasons but it brings out their beauty even more.

Take the time to think about booking a session with TAD Photography now and take advantage of 25% savings. Remember Fall is short lived couple days of wind and rain and the color is gone.

The William’s Wedding

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This couple wanted a low key wedding. Nothing fancy. The married at the court house and decided no pictures. However, they wanted a few pictures of the cake at the reception.

Once they saw some of images they decided to have some images of the bride and groom as well as the family. We ended up taking many more images.

When they came for the viewing they were very happy these special moments had been documented and decided to invest in a beautiful keepsake album.

What a great beginning to what most surely will be a great life together,


Alicia’s Senior Images

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Graduating is a crazy time, trying to figure out what the next chapter in your life is going to be; college, military, enter the work force or maybe traveling to find out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

When photographing seniors I always try to capture the imagination of the senior.  This beautiful girl is no different. Like most seniors she is ready to get on with her life.

In this session I captured the her Beaty and free spirit, unfortunately her senior picture for the year book had to be plain straight on on a grey background. Even then her free spirit came showing thru.


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Christmas is a wonderful time to get everyone together, Take this opportunity to freeze this moment in time and capture it forever with a professional image by Tad Photography.

This family did just that. Four generations where here and capturing this moment meant a lot to this family especially on this Matriarch’s 80th birthday. To have her entire family in one place at one time was very exciting for her and to get a profession photo shoot had her beaming from ear to ear. Its always fun getting family members together to photograph. Aside from the overall size the dynamics can be overwhelming especially when you take into account people in general hate having their picture taken.

Then they added some of the cousins and close friends into the session and what a party.


Home for the Holidays 2018

2018_HomeForTheHolidays_frontIt’s that time of year again. TAD Photograph is running the “Home for the Holidays” promotion. We will come to your home with our equipment and photograph your family, up to five people for only $99 and include a 5×7 print on top quality Kodak paper. If more people are required we can discuss pricing at the time of booking.

Christmas cards available in lots of 25, ornaments, calendars, press printed cards and other items available Press Printed Cards

Contact us to arrange a booking. Between November 15th and November 26th receive 10% off the special rate including all orders.



Head Shots

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Photographed leaders in several churches to help identify them to their congregations. These images are posted on the churches website, on their Facebook page and/or in their respective churches with their names. The pastor’s images are hung up with previous pastors.

The images usually have the background replaced in editing. It could be a stain glass window from your current church or one of hundreds of backgrounds in our collection. Then again if there is a good backdrop to photograph on no replacement is necessary. The names can be placed directly onto the image or a separate print with the church name and titles, etc… during editing. Just ask and we will work to provide you with a professional looking piece.

2018 EAA

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The Oshkosh 2018 EAA Show is in the record books. Sadly, I was unable to make it to the show itself, however; down the road in Juneau, Wisconsin, Ju know just down the road, LOL a little local humor, is a small airport and several planes where there. I headed there with my oldest daughter around 6ish PM and found vintage aircraft preparing for take off. Was unable to capture images of them taking off put did get some great images of them taxi for take-off.

In fact the image of the Bi-Plane won a second place red ribbon at the Dodge County Fair this last August! Would have been a blue ribbon if the pilot would have been in focus, but I purposely left him out of focus as I had no photo release.

Hang one of these beauties on the wall of your office or home. Want it customized with a special a phrase or saying let us know and well make it so! #2018EAA, #airplanes, #Experimental.